Peter Wen 聞亭踵(正中)


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About us 我的履历

About Peter Wen


After got Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois, I worked as a Research and Development engineer for Aeronautical Research Lab, CCIT in Taiwan. My major was jet engine for jet fighters. I also worked at Garret Turbine Engine Company in Phoenix, Arizona for many years during this time.

闻亭踵(正中), 祖籍江苏金坛,1953年出生于台湾。




My family and I moved to Canada in 1997 and I had worked for GEA Freezing since 1998. I designed and developed many spiral freezers for food industry. After promoted as R&D manaager, I designed and developed a multiple function lab, which is used to develope freezing curves of different foods and coils, for GEA Freezing.

1997年移民到加拿大,进入德商GEA Aerofreeze,从事工业型食品速冻机的研发设计工作。后升任研发部经理,设计开发公司自用的多功能研发试验室。不但能测试各种食品的冷冻曲线,还能试验coil的性能数据,对新型coil的设计,有极大的助益。


Being a resident in Greater Vancouver from 1997, I have a full understanding of the community and what the Buyers and Sellers expect. After retired from GEA Freezing, I jointed RE/MAX. I have never lost my working attitude in engineering field. With my professionalism, extensive knowledge and experience, I have been able to successfully bring many satisfied Buyers and Sellers together. I am creative, energetic, always updated with new technology and the current marketing trends. With my ability of logical analysis, experience and dedication to customer service, you will rest assured that I am 100% committed to bringing results and continually performing beyond expectations.